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Hard disk data recovery

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Common failures that make it impossible to access data:

  • logical failures (deleted data, lost partitions, formatted partitions)
  • faulty electronics
  • unreadable sectors
  • faulty firmware
  • faulty read and write heads
  • malfunctioning spindle motor

How to recover data from hard disk drive?

Don’t try to recover data from a hard disk drive by yourself. The largest amount of permanently lost data occurs after attempting an “inadequate” recovery. Your data is very important, so think about what it would mean to permanently lose it.

1 Sending and shipment of a defective device

Please send us or deliver the faulty media device to begin the free diagnostic procedure.

2 Free diagnostics

After receiving the media, we will do a quick and free diagnosis and inform you about the options and cost of recovering the data.

3 Data Recovery Procedure

Following your approval and consent, we will begin the data recovery process.

4 Data validation

After we successfully recover data, you can browse the saved data through our Client Portal.

5 Delivery of recovered data

Depending on your preferences, you can download the recovered data in our laboratory or we can send the data at our expense by the delivery service to your address.

How much does it cost to recover data from the hard disk ?

A category

139,00 €
  • deleted data
  • lost partitions
  • formatted partitions

B category

369,00 €
  • faulty electronics
  • faulty firmware
  • unreadable sectors

C category

529,00 €
  • defective heads
  • malfunctioning motor
  • a large number of bad sectors

D category

669,00 €
  • damaged disc plates
  • drive damaged by water
  • drive damaged by fire
*We offer free diagnostics and operate on the principle No data - No payment, which means that in the event of data recovery failure, you have no paying obligations.
Price list
What to do when you lose data from your hard disk drive:

What to do when you lose data from your hard disk drive:

  • shut down your computer or another device that uses that hard disk drive
  • stop using that hard disk drive
  • do not open the hard disk drive
  • do not use programs that “recover data”
  • contact us for advice or assistance

We successfully recover data from hard disk drives of all manufacturers:

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Mario Petrić

Mario Petrić


Friendly staff and top quality service. Thank you for saving all the important data from my hard disk drive.

Ana Košara

Ana Košara


All data was successfully restored. They were very kind and patient. They did everything as we agreed and as it should be !! Satisfied with the service and speed of answering all questions !!!

Željko Vrcelj

Željko Vrcelj


My colleague recommended you, so I called. Ivan and Krešimir did not give up. Thanks to you, my data has now been successfully recovered.

Marin Veraja

Marin Veraja


Very courteous, professional and transparent about service and price. Thank you Mr. Krešimir and the rest of the team! I recommend DataSector without a second thought!

Vesna Odobaša

Vesna Odobaša

Strmec Samoborski

Good job, guys are great. Professional, fast and responsible. They recovered data from my laptop. Thank you :)

Tomislav Mihalić

Tomislav Mihalić


The super-expert team, cheaper than the competition, saved 6/6 disks, for the time being, they were able to recover 95% of the data on only one of them! I recommend them!