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Can’t access your dear photographs, documents, business projects, databases?
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Data Recovery Laboratory

Data Recovery Laboratory

We know how important personal information, images, documents, business projects are to you, and we know what it feels like to be left without everything you’ve been creating and storing for years.

Our goal is to help you keep your memories, work, and years of effort.

Data recovery

Data recovery is a process of recovering data that is damaged, lost, deleted, or inaccessible to the user because of a malfunction of the media which held the data.

Through the years of development, we have gained the reputation of a successful, modern, innovative and reliable company. We successfully recover data from all digital storage media.

How to recover data?

Don’t try to recover data yourself. The largest amount of permanently lost data occurs after attempting an “inadequate” recovery. Your data is very important, so think about what it would mean to permanently lose it.

1 Sending and shipment of a defective device

Please send us or deliver the faulty media device to begin the free diagnostic procedure.

2 Free diagnostics

After receiving the media, we will do a quick and free diagnosis and inform you about the options and cost of recovering the data.

3 Data Recovery Procedure

Following your approval and consent, we will begin the data recovery process.

4 Data validation

After we successfully recover data, you can browse the saved data through our Client Portal.

5 Delivery of recovered data

Depending on your preferences, you can download the recovered data in our laboratory or we can send the data at our expense by the delivery service to your address.

Why choose DataSector?

Emergency Interventions

In certain cases when data has to be rescued from a corrupted medium, when every minute matters - DataSector also offers additional services such as Emergency Diagnostics and Non-Stop Services.

Emergency Diagnostics

Non-Stop Services

Diagnostics in 2 hours

Diagnostics in 2 hours
Diagnostics in 2 hours

Priority in the queue / alt. Priority processing

Priority in the queue / alt. Priority processing
Priority in the queue / alt. Priority processing

Work on the medium during business hours

Work on the medium during business hours
Work on the medium during business hours

Work on the medium 0-24 regardless of business hours

Work on the medium 0-24 regardless of business hours
Work on the medium 0-24 regardless of business hours
In certain cases, minutes matter!
Contact 00-24 +385 98 952 2745

Data Recovery questions

Data Recovery

What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is the process of recovering data that is damaged, lost, deleted, or inaccessible to the user due to a malfunction of the media on which the data is.

From which media can we save data?

We successfully retrieve data from all digital storage media, such as hard drives, external hard drives, SSDs, servers, RAID arrays, NAS devices, laptops, Apple devices, memory cards, USB sticks, floppy disks, ...

How much data can be saved?

The amount of data saved depends solely on the state of the defective media. Our goal is to save all the data, while the priority is your most important data.

How successful is data recovery?

We are proud of our data recovery success rate of over 90%.


How much does Data Recovery cost?

The cost of data recovery depends on the type of media failure that needs to be recovered. Our price list is transparent and you can check it at the following link.

How long does the diagnostic procedure last and how much does it cost?

The standard diagnostic procedure typically lasts up to 48 hours. To attract all our clients to our data rescue service, we do not charge for diagnostics. If rescue time is a priority, and every minute is important to you, we also offer an Emergency Diagnostics and Non-Stop (00-24) service.

Can I get an estimate of the cost to recover the data?

No matter the problem your device/media may have, we will subject it to a quick and free diagnostic procedure before we notify you of the established media status and cost of the data recovery service. We only begin the process of data recovery after your approval.

Does the price of data recovery depend on the size of the disk, the amount of data, or the file system?

We are proud that we are the only one in Croatia to have a fixed price list. The cost of data recovery is fixed and does not depend on the memory size of the media, the amount of data, or the file system, but solely on the type of media failure.

Do I have financial obligations in case of incomplete data recovery?

We operate on the principle No data-No pay, so if the data recovery is unsuccessful, the client has no financial obligations.


How can I deliver a defective media?

You can deliver your defective media personally to our office or send the packaged media by mail or courier. Adequate packaging of a shipment means placing the contents of the shipment in the appropriate packaging (wrapper, box, etc.) to prevent damage during transportation.

How do I check recovered data?

To provide users with a simple and high-quality service, you can preview the list of recovered data before making a payment to the Client Portal.

How do I retrieve saved data?

We store the recovered data on the second media of your choice. If you do not have the right media, you can buy one from us. You can only download the recovered data by submitting a certified Service Order.

Is my information kept secure?

Yes, your data is stored securely and in accordance with GDPR. We store your information on protected and separate drives and servers without external access, which are only accessible by authorized persons. We also guarantee the discretion of your information with the Privacy Policy.

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Marin Veraja

Marin Veraja


Very courteous, professional and transparent about service and price. Thank you Mr. Krešimir and the rest of the team! I recommend DataSector without a second thought!

Vesna Odobaša

Vesna Odobaša

Strmec Samoborski

Good job, guys are great. Professional, fast and responsible. They recovered data from my laptop. Thank you :)

Željko Vrcelj

Željko Vrcelj


My colleague recommended you, so I called. Ivan and Krešimir did not give up. Thanks to you, my data has now been successfully recovered.

Mario Petrić

Mario Petrić


Friendly staff and top quality service. Thank you for saving all the important data from my hard disk drive.

Tomislav Mihalić

Tomislav Mihalić


The super-expert team, cheaper than the competition, saved 6/6 disks, for the time being, they were able to recover 95% of the data on only one of them! I recommend them!

Ana Košara

Ana Košara


All data was successfully restored. They were very kind and patient. They did everything as we agreed and as it should be !! Satisfied with the service and speed of answering all questions !!!